Are they the same? It seems that we don’t exercise faith at all when things are certain. There is no need. Although we could justifiably ask if in fact anything is certain these days…

So, how do faith and risk interact? And how are they related? Could it be that they are essentially the same – but with one major difference?  Faith is risk – but it is a risk that has God’s backing.

Without that backing it would just be a statistical gamble.

I am happy that God made me to be a risk-taker. My Mum and Dad confirmed that to e when I was very small. “Frank, you do like taking risks!” my Dad would say. And he was right. As an only child taking risks was my greatest source of adventure and excitement. It was often displayed in my passion for climbing trees. Tall trees. Chestnut trees standing out in clumps in the field.

It was those risks that later paved the way for many adventures… Stay tuned….