(Frank Gray writes:) This is my own home page where I feel free to write what I like – not unlike other people with blogs. I hope it will be fun – not just for me but for any who may wish to read.

As a post-World War II baby-boomer I am aware that my humour may indeed be a bit wacky (blame Monty Python for that) and my perspectives may sound a bit on the traditional side. But above all, I hope it is down-to-earth and able to inspire just a little bit.

Years of international travel have contributed to my becoming a more international person, to the point that some have even questioned whether or not I am really British… My multi-national family (7 nationalities in all)  have also helped cultivate an international perspective, which they too have inherited. Like them I am not sure where I belong any more – except with Hennie, my good and long-suffering (Dutch) wife of 40 years.

My faults are all my own doing and I take full responsibility… I trust they do not offend…