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This site is launched in connection with the new Adventure series being published on Issuu.

The Adventure series is a collection of memoirs being made available on-line. It covers many of the international experiences of Frank and Hennie Gray. It starts in Laos in 1969 during the days of the Vietnam War then moves to the USA before moving back to Asia again where they experienced nine years of living in the Philippines.

Frank’s work with the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) took him to many countries in Asia including Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Russia and Thailand.They eventually moved back to Europe with their family in 1991. These writings have since been edited and will hopefully be published as an illustrated book in 2018.

They have lived through war, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and political change – as well as periods of peace. They have witnessed several major events firsthand such as their evacuation from Laos (1975), the People Power revolution in Manila (1986), the eruption of Mount Pinatubo (1991) and the Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004).

In it all they have seen the hand of God at work in a changing world. They are proud parents of four children and eight grandchildren, who are currently scattered around the world.

Life has been an Adventure – and you can share it by reading the various chapters as they are published each month. There are twenty chapters.

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Some Excerpts

Some short extracts will be following – to whet your appetite….

The ever-present backdrop to these years was the Vietnam War which spilled over into Laos. This added much intrigue while prompting many questions… (chapter 1)

More to follow shortly….

Chapters for Download

Here you can download the chapters as PDF files for reading on your device:

  1. How It Began Laos: 1969-70
  2. On A Mission Laos: 1971-74
  3. Year of Drama Laos: 1975
  4. Land of the Free USA-Wheaton College
  5. Under the California Sun In California
  6. In the Philippines In the Philippines
  7. Priority: China Broadcasts to China

What You Can Do...

Apart from reading – and (hopefully) enjoying – you are encouraged to interact:

  • Make comments, suggestions, criticisms. These are drafts which one day (late 2018?) will be printed in book form.
  • You may be mentioned. Check for accuracy and let me know if changes needed.
  • You may have been part of the story. Feel free to share your experiences too!
  • If you have photos I can use – or even of yourself – feel free to send them.
Lao refugee lady with child

Chapter 1 - How It Began

Gray Family 1980

Chapter 5 - Under the California Sun

  • Working with refugees from Laos
  • Buying our first house in La Habra
  • Adding Anita and Paul to our family
  • Joining FEBC
  • Download PDF
Our Engagement

Chapter 2 - On a Mission

  • 1971: Frank returns to Laos with C&MA
  • The Vientiane studio
  • Local program on LNR
  • Meets Hennie and gets married
  • Download PDF

Chapter 6 - In the Philippines

  • Return to Asia in 1982
  • We were to spend 9 years in Manila
  • Central base for travelling around Asia
  • Children at Faith Academy
  • Much political upheaval
  • Download PDF
Nya in studio at LBTC

Chapter 3 - Year of Drama

  • Our first child is born
  • Forced to leave Laos
  • Meeting refugees in camps
  • Exploring our future
  • Learning to trust God
  • Download PDF

Chapter 7 : Priority: China

  • Days of enormous change
  • Massive increase in mail from China
  • Listeners express their needs
  • Importance of Bible dictation
  • Education via Village Bible School
  • Church growth linked to radio
  • Download PDF


The Adventure - chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Land of the Free

This chapter describes Frank and Hennie’s first seventeen months in USA – spent at Wheaton College. Insights into getting settled and adjusting to the American way of life.