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About CMB


CMB is the training section associated with MediaRole. Each lesson will contain the following elements:

  1. A Powerpoint presentation of each lesson complete with presentation notes for each slide
  2. A downloadable booklet that closely follows the content of the Powerpoint
  3. A web page dedicated to that lesson and how to use it
  4. An invitation to join the Media Roles Group on Facebook

CMB is a compilation of the basic elements of Christian media production. They have been published as separate elements in the past but now come together under a uniform identity and brand

CMB Powerpoint Downloads

  • CMB1 – Close to Listener  download button
  • CMB2 – Your Message  download button
  • CMB3 – Your Media Tools  download button
  • CMB4 – The Gray Matrix  download button
  • CMB5 – Your Media Roles  download button

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These materials have been prepared with the Christian media professional in mind. They are particularly useful for orientation of new workers and for training purposes. In their original form they were prepared in the context of radio and FEBC but have been updated and broadened in scope to cover a wider range of media that the media worker has available today. You are encouraged to download them and use them for your own purposes but if they are modified you are requested to seek permission from the author. They may be translated into other languages as appropriate.


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Some of the Comms Essentials

Christian Media Basics (CMB) provides some basic tools for the Christian communicator.

Originally prepared for Christian radio broadcasters many of the elements can be applied across a broader spectrum.

CMB Lessons Available