These pages are the product of a number of initiatives from the past. They seek to bring the past into the present. They also expand the scope so that they are not media- or radio- specific, nor are they heavily embedded in Christian communication per se.

When Radio Programming Roles was first published in 1997 it was based on experience derived from various programming initiatives developed by Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC). It was also closely tied to The Gray Matrix which over the past 35 years has found its way into the vocabulary of many Christian workers and training establishments.

A major revision of Radio Programming Roles took place in 2007 with a subsequent expansion. But it was only published on the web and can be found at http://radioroles.com.

This present initiative now takes the basic same set of roles and looks at them in the context of the contemporary world where the Internet has come fully alive and social networking is the dominant theme.

It is a work in progress. As such the last word may never be written. Your comments and feedback are genuinely encouraged and appreciated.


Let’s see how it goes…!