WHAT: Apologetics is a term used to describe the presentation of reasoned arguments to support specific beliefs or theories. It appeals to those with more academic or intellectual interests. At another level it might be used to encourage exploration of faith issues through creative engagement of the arts.

WHY: We all need to have our beliefs challenged from time to time. Perhaps more important is to examine our underlying worldview – the way we perceive our world and life around us. We may even find that our worldview is not consistent with the beliefs we say we hold. Or it may be entirely consistent leading us to an emptiness of the soul.

HOW: The argument might be introduced by asking some of the difficult questions of life – and then following them through to their logical conclusion. Many people say they hold specific beliefs – but then on examination we find that they do not live in a manner consistent with those beliefs. For people who do not yet know God there may be a long journey ahead but carefully constructed dialogue may be the key to helping them develop an appetite to get to know their Creator. Going back even further those who had never even considered the possibility of a Supreme Being may now be willing to explore that option

BIBLICAL BASIS: The 1st century teacher we know as St Paul was well educated and was capable of delivering clever arguments. One of his most famous speeches was on Mars Hill in Athens. He stood in the midst of the Areopagus and addressed the Greek philosophers by commending them on their religious observances, and their sincerity. Then he told them how they could find that “UNKNOWN GOD” whom they had built an altar for. In another passage he talks of those who are ‘without hope, and without God in the world’.

EXAMPLES: A simple example might be directed to those people who say they only believe what they can see. Yet when this is unpacked we find that on a regular basis they are entrusting themselves to things they cannot see or understand. Electricity is a good example. Beauty and love might also be explored. Where do they come from and how can we put them under a microscope? In other words science cannot explain everything… There must be something more out there – and we can help you find it…

The world of literature also has a number of examples. One of the classic examples of modern time is the allegory The Chronicles of Narnia by renowned Oxford scholar and apologist, C.S. Lewis. Another of his famous books is Mere Christianity which is still a best seller.

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