Close to the Listener

our guiding principle


Essentially being ‘Close to our Listener’ has the following dimensions.

(Note that the word ‘listener’ is used to denote the recipient or consumer of mediated content throughout whether by audio, video or text).

Understanding the ‘why?’

o   Listener-centred vs Message-centred

o   Discerning how the Listener’s Story intersects with God’s Story

o   Having a Kingdom vision for the future for the listener and his community

Knowing Our Listener

o   We can identify who our ‘typical’ listener is in terms of basic demographics

o   We enter into his daily life and lifestyle to understand the challenges/problems he faces

o   We understand what he likes, what his interests are, and what he aspires to be

Discovering how we might use Media to impact his life

o   Find out how he uses media

o   Exploring what media to use – singly or in multi-media

o   How to best engage him, or others like him, in producing media content

o   Produce media content that he finds both entertaining and helpful

o   Understanding what we expect the media intervention to achieve as possible and likely outcomes (SMART)

Identifying Stakeholders

o   Locate suitable communicators within the language and culture

o   Find Partner agencies that also share similar vision as we do

o   Explore how they might work in partnership and how we might build on each others’ strengths.

Provide training

o   Conduct training and orientation at various levels for all involved

o   Basic skills + listener-learner

Risk Assessment

o   Understanding in advance the various risks – setbacks and limitations – that might be encountered.​