WHAT: This is what it’s all about: Declaring that God is King of his Creation. This is the most fundamental and basic truth for us to make known. Those who follow Jesus Christ are commanded to go out and tell the good news of God’s love, of his forgiveness and his grace. Declaring can be both verbal and through our actions – but both combine to say clearly to the world “Our God reigns!” Our actions may speak louder than our words as God’s people demonstrate his love through acts of kindness and compassion.

WHY: We declare it because it is what Jesus did and what he commanded us to do too. We also declare it because we believe it and encourage others to believe it. When we are excited about something we want to share our excitement with others. This is God’s world and we are his people. Too many people want to bury God. Our job is to show that God is still very much alive and active and is quietly working out His purposes.

HOW: The truth about God and his Son Jesus needs to be declared through whatever means is possible – but preferably in a manner that is appropriate to the context. We can reveal God at work in the lives of individuals who have had a personal encounter. We can also speak about the many evidences of God as seen in the natural world – from the evidence within the cosmos right down to the smallest living creatures and organisms. ┬áMass media today require something more appropriate than preaching as the vehicle for declaring this truth, ┬ábut there may be occasions where preaching might still be the most appropriate means. Happily there are various means we can use. It may mean being bold in the face of opposition. It may mean being creative – using video or other art forms. But whatever way we use it needs to be clear, easily understood and stated with conviction.

BIBLICAL BASIS: The whole collection of writings we know as the Bible records God’s story – from beginning to end. And we are part of that story so we are delighted to be able to tell it as our story, one that has dramatically changed our lives for the good – and forever. We want to share it with others so that they can discover it too. It’s one of the best-kept secrets…!

EXAMPLES: Your stories too…?

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