WHAT: Entertainment helps us to relax.   Music, drama, humour, sport and items of human interest provide a welcome lift from the toils of everyday life. Through entertainment we laugh, dance, retreat into our private world, recharge our batteries…

Audio tracks are possibly the most popular and easily accessible. YouTube sources any kind of visual entertainment we seek at no cost, most of it amateur video. Storying is also popular – my stories, your stories. People like to hear about other people.

WHY: Mass media provide natural extensions to traditional media. They channel them for free right into our homes and the places where we relax or even while travelling –  in our cars on the bus or airplane. Entertainment is the major role of media

HOW: We have listed the main kinds of entertainment which are all familiar to us. We know how and where we are best entertained. TV, radio, video and audio streaming via the Internet, iPods, etc.  Entertainment can also be used as a channel for education – we call it edutainment. 

BIBLICAL BASIS: We don’t know much about entertainment in Bible times – apart from music and dance. They certainly had no mass media back then.


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