WHAT: Providing information of events and issues that impact the community. Electronic media are usually the best ways of informing many people quickly and over a wide area. Breaking news and news updates are quickly and efficiently shared through good reporting from journalists and the public alike. News of accidents and disasters can also be relayed quickly thanks to mobile devices. Weather alerts are also critical in many places. Critical information following disasters can be easily disseminated in a timely manner. Sports updates should not be overlooked and specialist apps make access that much easier.

WHY: People like to be informed – especially business people and those who are concerned for their community and nation. The most interesting news is that which will impacts people in some way in their daily lives.

HOW:┬áToday news travels fast thanks to social networking and dedicated technologies such as Twitter. In an increasingly mobile society handheld devices are among the primary tools people use for keeping in touch with what is happening. Radio and television continue to play their part in providing more in-depth coverage of events, news analysis and review. Newspapers and magazines as print media cannot deliver news with the same speed, of course, but many are turning to electronic publishing so that the very latest information and commentary can be put into people’s hands through mobile devices or on their desktop computers.

BIBLICAL BASIS: The men of Issachar were people who were in great demand because they understood the times. If we are to discern what is happening we also need to cultivate a good understanding and media are one of the easiest and cost effective ways of doing so.

EXAMPLES: What examples do you have that you can share?

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