WHAT: If we were to ask ‘what inspires you?’ we would get a massive range of responses. Many are inspired by what they see, while others by what they hear. In general terms inspiration is the process by which hearts are warmed and your outlook on life is raised. This could through the arts, through paintings, photography, poetry and literature or some other ‘touch’ that penetrated our defences and ignited something within our spirits giving renewed hope and a greater sense of well-being.

WHY: We all need a lift from time to time. Some more often that others, depending on our circumstances. We feel dried up in our spirits, lacking energy for living and looking for something to spark us into action. It needs to come from outside of ourselves – and to be in-breathed.

HOW: it could be stories that inspire us as we hear of the heroic exploits of people fighting against the odds, overcoming setbacks or hardships. It could be music that softens our spirits, rising and falling, then building up into crescendos of sound that moves our being. It could even be the natural world that inspires – landscapes, the crashing of the waves on the beach on a stormy night, clouds flitting across the moon, birds migrating – or a honey bee gathering nectar. It might be the exquisite beauty of a newborn baby lying helpless in its mother’s arms. Media can capture all these things and bring them right into your home or office.

BIBLICAL BASIS: The psalms are full of imagery drawn from nature. The heavens are especially inspirational to the psalmist who declares that the sun, moon and stars declare God’s glory. ┬áIt is a pity that in these days of extensive urbanisation and pollution it is so much harder to get that same clear view of the heavens at night.


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