WHAT: Promoting is so much easier – and better – when others do it for us. It is used to raise awareness of products and services, or current issues and events and those who are engaged in them. Media can play a leading role in this and by so doing can provide a terrific service to other agencies and individuals.

WHY: There are many good things going on out there that people are not aware of. Moreover, the people doing them are not equipped or motivated to talk about them themselves. They are not in the communications business, nor do they have the media channels or skills through which to speak. Many don’t like blowing their own trumpet (talking about themselves) or are prevented from doing so for security reasons or other constraints. Media to the rescue – because we can do it for them, connecting some of these marvellous initiatives and bringing them to the attention of the general public, or to selected elements within the community.

HOW: We can make programs about them, write articles about them Рor for them. We can talk about what they are doing on our web-sites or through Facebook network or Twitter. We can provide in-depth insights into what is being done and provide awareness of good things that are happening that will not come to the attention of the public through established media.  We do what we do best.

BIBLICAL BASIS: The best model for this kind of inter-agency help is provided in St Paul’s description of the body. It has many parts that each have their own particular role to play within the whole.

EXAMPLES: Please share your experiences of how you have used media for positioning or ¬†promoting the work of others…

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