WHAT: When something good happens to us we want to tell others about it. It could be something we have won, a new baby, a promotion or finding our dream job. Christians feel the same way about finding God and the depth of meaning this wonderful event brings to our daily lives.

WHY: The Bible says that the things of God are to be plainly seen, but sadly many today do not notice these things or pay any attention. Other interests have distracted them, or they may be looking in the wrong places to find meaning in life. We believe we can help people see and discover God for themselves. Meanwhile Jesus told his followers to go out and tell others about him and his great love for each one of us. His followers are called to be the bearers of good news – that Jesus has died to save us from our sin so that we can be re-united with God.

HOW: One of the best ways is for Jesus’ followers to tell their stories of the great changes God has made in their lives or in the life of their family or community. Media are a great way of doing this. People love to hear about people and storytelling is very much back in fashion. We all have stories to tell and telling our stories is one of the very best ways of talking about the power of God in our lives – and the future hope that we have in Jesus Christ. The mass media offer us a variety of ways in which we can do this – but it also needs the personal touch wherever possible.

BIBLICAL BASIS: Possibly the strongest support for this is found in Jesus parting words before he ascended into heaven. Talking to his followers he told them that they would be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and to the furthest parts of the world. That was their mission – to go and tell. And we are still doing that today.